Virus Removal

Popups, tracking cookies and other nasty’s can slow down your computer and pose a serious risk to your financial & personal security. We can remove all Trojans, Worms, Malware & Spyware. Once removed we can advise you of the best prevention to better protect you for the future.

Computer repairs Brisbane virus removal services

Data Recovery

Has your PC died and you need to recover the data from your old drive. We can access the drive and backup all you old files, photo’s & emails then safely transfer them to a storage device or relocate them to another PC or laptop.

 Computer repairs Brisbane Data Recovery

Wi-Fi (wireless), home & office routers. Share files, music & movies throughout the house. Set up a dedicated server or use and existing PC or laptop. We can assist in the correct setup of Bluetooth devices, printers, media centres, home & office servers.  

 Computer repairs Brisbane networking services
Software & Email

We can setup, backup & transfer email accounts. Operating system installations & upgrades. Custom software training & database setup. Our technicians can also advise you on additional software solutions for a better user experience in your home or office.  

 Computer repairs Brisbane software services

Computer installations, tablets & smartphone, printers, camera’s and POS systems. Faulty equipment is easily diagnosed and fixed. We carry all parts that are needed in our vans so we don’t have to take your PC off site to repair. Our techs can supply and fit laptops screens & keyboards however these parts may need to be ordered in.


 Computer repairs Brisbane hardware services

Do you have a new computer, or a new software program that you would like to know more about? We can offer one on one training as well as group training in email, programs, software and systems. For group bookings we can give a classroom style training session with a substantial cost per student discount.

 Computer repairs Brisbane pc courses